Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harbor Freight Wood Carving Tools

I know Harbor Freight has cheap tools, but they are usually at least functional-- for a little while anyway. In the case of the 11 piece Wood Carving Set, however, my recommendation would be to steer clear. At $5.99, that comes out to less than 50 cents per tool. How can you possibly make a tool for "The Finest Wood Carving Applications" for only 50 cents?!?

Don't look so bad huh? Well, just wait until you try to carve something with them.

Ummmm is this a U-gouge?

How is this supposed to work?

These are going back. $6 bucks, yeah-- they aren't worth their weight in iron.

This is what a real V-Gouge tool should look like. Sigh...

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