Friday, December 7, 2007

Create a Slick Black iMac In The Gimp

Yeah, sure, you can follow this long and tedious PhotoShop tutorial over here and make yourself a nice black iMac in about thirty minutes. Or you can spend about a minute and thirty seconds and do "virtually" the same thing in The Gimp, a Free OpenSource Image Editor.

Step 1

Grab an iMac image and save it somewhere.

Step 2

Load it into The Gimp, and inverse the colors: Filters-->Colors-->Value Invert. We're almost done already!

Step 3

Now all you do is UN-invert a few things, and you're done! Now seriously, why would you want to waste all that time in Photoshop, when you can do the same thing a hundred times faster in The Gimp!? That's the power of OpenSource! YeeeeeAwwwwwww!!

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